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duffcooks commentsDuff Cooks have had some very positive comments from the website visitors and those reading the published articles in The Big Issue. A couple are quoted below.

I am sitting at my kitchen table in Germany finally getting round to reading the copy of The Big Issue I bought in Exeter 10 days ago on a quick trip to the UK for my grandmother’s 100th birthday.

As a keen cook myself, I was really impressed by your initiative to offer free cookery courses funded by those who are able to pay for you to cook for them – brilliant! I just wanted to wish you all the best for such a great idea and hope that it’s a success for all involved.

I work in a boarding school and over the next few weeks will be cooking for my students – partly to help dispel the myth here that English food is rubbish! At each of these evenings, inspired by your article and the great work The Big Issue does, I will ask them to make a contribution to our local homeless charity.

Best wishes from Germany!

Hi Ian

I buy the Big Issue most weeks and I read with interest the article about the social enterprise you have set up. I don’t live in Bath but I do cook a lot, can bake cakes bread etc. and I make jam from fruit I collect locally. Anyway if you need a volunteer or any help with your project let me know as it sounds really interesting. My other thought was it could be extended out to other areas of the country.

I hope it is going well, if there is anything you think I could help with let me know or I might have some ideas etc… which might be of interest.

All the best


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