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Street Lights Big Issue Ian Duff CooksThe Duff Cooks philosophy with its social enterprise catering business, cooking training and more was recently publicized in the Street Lights section of The Big Issue.

Ian Duff wrote a detailed article on what Duff Cooks is all about now and in the immediate future.

You can read the full article by clicking on the image. We have also included a few quotes below.

My dream is now turning into a reality and I am on my way to starting my own social enterprise: Duff Cooks. The idea is a simple one that will benefit the community of Bath and the surrounding area. It’s a catering company with a difference, offering an in-home catering service.

We can cut the costs by cooking in your home and using your equipment, plates, knives and forks etc. We offer a complete evenings dining, including the washing up, so you can have more time with your guests and of course you will be helping those in your community less fortunate than you.

All this will fund a cookery school to help the homeless and long-term unemployed. We’ll be teaching them how to cook great food with ease, with an emphasis on budget and healthy living. This will lead onto a more focused way of living and a step towards getting back to work doing something they love – and let’s face it, we all love to eat.

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