Duff Cooks in the Big Issue

duff cooks review bigissueIan Duff and his Duff Cooks social cooking enterprise was one of the main articles in the Christmas Big Issue.

Ian explained the inspiration for Duff Cook’s and his life story so far, with his great plans for the future. Also the reaction from the public since his idea was first published in the Big Issue. Highlighted quotes below, to read the full article click on the image.

Since then he has been bowled over by the reaction. ” One lady who read the article had never bought a Big Issue before. She came up and started talking to me” recalls Ian. “A week later she made a booking for five people for a three-course meal at her house!”

The mouthwatering dishes on Duff Cook’ menu include cold garlic soup, stuffed pork fillet with apricot, spinach and feta cheese, and a deconstructed pavlova.

Embarking on fresh gastronomic adventures, Ian is constantly cooking up new ideas for his menu. His latest is an ambitious addition. “I’m developing a deconstructed goats curry,” he reveals. “This deconstructed idea seems to be the ‘in’ thing in cooking at the moment”

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