Credit and Debit cards payments accepted

duff cooks big issue bath payments using izettleIan Duff as a Big Issue seller in Bath or as Duff Cooks can now take Credit Card or Debit card payments, using a mobile card reader system!

This means you can pay for your Big Issue or Private Dinner Party in Bath, without having to worry about having any spare change on you, or large sums of money.

I now have a card reader supplied by and I can now take payment via your Credit Card or Debit card. I am only the second Big Issue vendor to be given this option in the UK.

The result is if you don’t have the cash I can now take a direct payment form your card. It is secure and I don’t even charge you for the use of your card, which will cost me around 7%, which is a small price to pay so you can get your Big Issue.

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