Private Dinner Party Services  

We offer fixed price and bespoke Menu’s for your Private Dinner Party and provide stress free evening with our Private Dinner Party Services that include Waiter Service and washing up the dishes.

FREE cooking courses  

Duff Cooks offer FREE cooking courses to those who especially need help. We can teach the basics of cooking to long term unemployed and those who are homeless.

Please contact Duff Cooks to find out more information.

Duff Cooks – Social Enterprise  

Duff Cooks is a Social Enterprise that aims to help people in the community.

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Menu Guides and Prices

  • dinner party service fresh food prices

    Menu 1 £25.00

    Choose from this wide selection of Starters, Beef Mains, Pork Mains and Desserts.

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Duff Cooks

We provide private Dinner Party Services for 2 to 20 people, using the best local and seasonal food.

Duff Cooks are also a Social Enterprise that teaches long term unemployed and homeless people the basics of how to cook and look after themselves.

Dinner Party Reservations

Wednesday, September 28th at 09:00 for a party of 1

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Duff Cooks, Bath, England
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Free cooking courses

Duff Cooks provide cooking courses where the long term unemployed and homeless can learn the skills needed to cook good healthy food. These free cooking courses are funded by the Dinner Party Services that Duff Cooks are hired to do.